International Conference on Creative Multimedia

Theme: Possibilities, Innovation and Sustainability
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The Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM), Multimedia University will hold the 2nd International Conference on Creative Multimedia 2022 (ICCM2022) on 25-27 July 2022 (Virtual Conference). ICCM2022 invites prospective authors to take part by submitting research papers in pursuing the vibrant discourse of creative multimedia. ICCM2022 aims to bring together related research scholars, educators, practitioners, policymakers, enthusiasts, fellow students, and design entrepreneurs from various perspectives, disciplines, and fields to share and exchange their research experiences and results on all aspects of arts, design, and creative media technologies. ICCM2022 embraces possibilities, provides an interdisciplinary forum for all stakeholders to present and discuss current trends, innovations, and concerns, as well as practical issues and solutions in the field of creative multimedia. We welcome high-quality research contributions dealing with original and unpublished results on fundamental, conceptual, empirical and experimental work in all areas of arts, design and creative media technologies.


    Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research [ISSN (Online): 23525398]

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    Design Thinking, Communication Theory, Creative Process, Design Process, Visual Culture, Conceptual Design, Storytelling theory, Design History, Visual Method, Creative Pedagogy


    User-Centered Design, Design for Social Change, User Experience, Interface Design, Brand Experience, Gendered Design, Interactive Design, Affective Design, Agronomic study, System Usability


    Sustainable Design, Design Collaboration, Advertising Design, Product Design, Environmental Design, Design for Development, Design for Smart City, Green Design, Design for Health, Design Education


    Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Media Art, Character Design, Visual Effects, Contemporary Art, Media Experimentation, Mobile Application, Artificial Intelligent, Generative Art


    Gig Revolution, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Entertainment, Advertising Design, Creative Policy, Creative Entrepreneurship, Creative Services, Cultural Industry, Heritage


Dr. Welyne Jeffrey Jehom

Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Social Science, University Malaya

Dr. Welyne Jeffrey Jehom has been a senior lecturer at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Social Science, University Malaya since 2009. She was also the Head of Center for Indigenous Studies from 2018 till June 2021. Her research interest focuses on community-driven development that includes the development of indigenous knowledge for community livelihood and women empowerment. To share indigenous knowledge from her research with the wider public, she has curated cultural heritage exhibitions for educational purposes highlighting the digital polysensory exhibition concept and has exhibited both in the country and internationally (2015-2018). She works very closely with the communities partnered in her research through various engagements including establishing a community enterprise with the community. Her foremost research interest is currently on the fostering local approach in the conservation of Indigenous knowledge. She is currently completing her book on Iban Pua Kumbu Weaving for a Sustainable Community Development.


Mr. Bryan Young

Head of Finance & Legal in iWisers Sdn Bhd

Bryan Yong is currently the Head of Finance & Legal in iWisers Sdn Bhd, focusing on business operations, strategic planning, and management in the Digital Marketing Industry. He has over 11 years of experience in various roles; with 9 years in online and digital ecosystem ranging from start-ups to corporate brands and agencies such as Groupon and iWisers. As a planner and builder with a decade of experience in start-ups and agencies, he has helped to build business structures, drive innovations, and training new talents to develop and maintain organizational workflows. Moulded over the years of working with various age groups and functioning in various roles, his primary working principle is to be adaptive while remain logically grounded, in order to learn, assimilate, and overcome new challenges.

Associate Professor Jalaini Abu Hassan

Fine Art Department, Faculty of Art and Design, MARA University of Technology

Associate Professor Jalaini Abu Hassan also known as ‘Jai’ is a reknown contemporary Malaysian artist. His works are inspired by current issues, expressed in cultural familiar imagery and focused through his personal lens of nostalgia and history. Educated at MARA Institute of Technology (now UiTM), where he obtained his bachelor’s degree. He continued his education at the prestigious institutions of the Slade School of Fine Art in London and Pratt Institute in New York, where he obtained his master’s degree and master of fine art. As a process painter he is interested in the exploration of the act of creating a work, the exploration of materials and mediums, and the marks that form a drawing. He is always pushing back the boundaries in search of new processes and working towards presenting a Malaysian visual vernacular, one whose meaning would undoubtedly speak of his identity and culture. Acclaimed at home and internationally, Jai has held numerous solo shows in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the United States where he presented Bangsawan Kebangsaan at the Tyler Rollins Fine Art Gallery. His works are in the collection of Malaysia’s National art gallery and in private, corporate and gallery collections around the world.




Advisor: Dr. Lim Kok Yoong
Chair: Dr. Fauzan Mustaffa
Co-chair: Dr. Roopesh Sitaran
Secretary: Dr. Tenku Putri Norishah Tenku Shariman
Keynote Chair: Mr. James Teo Chin Hao
Publication Chair: Mdm. Hanafizan Hussain
Assistant Publication Chair: Mdm. Elyna Amir Sharji
Publicity Chair: Mr. Badrolhisham Hashim
Patronage and Sponsorship Chair: Ms. Syarifah Nurleyana Wafa Syed Naguib Wafa


Dr. Zainudin Siran (Multimedia University)
Dr. Junita Shariza Mohd Nasir (Multimedia University)
Dr. Hushinaidi Bin Abdul Hamid (Multimedia University)
Dr Aishah Abdul Razak (Former Assistant Professor at Effat University, moving to UAE)
Dr. Izani Zainal (Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE)
Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Muhammad Zaffwan bin Idris (Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris)
Ts. Dr. Ahmad Nizam Bin Othman (Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris)